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Sony cuts publishing fee for PlayStation Mobile

In an attempt to bring more gaming titles to PlayStation-certified devices, Sony is removing the annual fee for publishing games on their platforms.

Sony is hoping to bring more games to the PlayStation Vita and other PlayStation-certified devices by removing their licensing fee worldwide. Previously, developers who wished to publish on the PlayStation Mobile platform had to pay a $99 annual fee. PlayStation Mobile has faced a lack of interest and as a result, a poor game library; something which caused Sony some concern. They hope that the new initiative can revitalize their mobile store.

PS Mobile is available on a range of devices


The initiative stretches beyond Sony’s own hardware, since HTC, Fujitsu and Sharp have become mobile partners with Sony over the past year. Unfortunately, the titles in question are relegated to a separate app on such devices, and are not connected to Google Play or the PlayStation Network. Apart from the licensing fee, this too may be one reason for why the PlayStation Mobile platform has seen lackluster performance. Sony has hinted that this too might change however; there are rumors circling that PSN may soon be integrated into the Mobile platform.

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