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Sony Covers All Bases At CES2018: Home Entertainment, Photography, Gaming, and AI

Sony has revealed their new lineup of products at CES 2018, currently ongoing in Las Vegas from 9 January. The new lineup of products includes new additions to their 4K OLED televisions series, brand new wireless noise-canceling stereo headsets and even new additions to the Xperia Smartphone series. Various product prototypes are available for viewing as well. Sony also launched new technological advances such as latest initiatives in automotive image sensors, artificial intelligence and robotics. All of these will be on display for the first time anywhere outside Japan, exclusively at CES 2018.

Home Entertainment & Sound

Adding to Sony’s established 4K OLED television series would be the A8F Series. Sony announced that the new series will be equipped with 4K HDR image processor X1 Extreme, along with Sony’s own Acoustic Surface technology. The A8F Series is similar to Sony’s previous television series as audio is output directly out of the TV screen. Both tech also promises to deliver immersive and seamless integration of image and audio that is exclusive to Sony. A8F Series is able to be better positioned in a wider range of locations, with its smaller footprint.

Sony also announced that the X9000F Series of BRAVIA 4K LCD TVs will also come with X1 Extreme. The new X-Motion Clarity technology will allow action scenes to be clear and smooth through precisely controlled images minimising image blur. With a large screen size of up to 85-inches, viewing action or sports content would be a whole new experience.

The prototype of next-generation X1 Ultimate picture processor will be on display. Equipped with twice the real-time processing power, it aims to bring out best of both LCD and OLED display panels. Sony mentioned that it will deliver the highest level of picture quality in BRAVIA history. To prove this, an 8K display with the X1 Ultimate will be showcased. Combined with Sony’s unique backlight technology, the display will demonstrate real-time processing of 8K HDR content while displaying a peak brightness of 10, 000 nits, the highest in HDR format.

Not forgetting audio, Sony has also unveilled the HT-Z9F and HT-X9000F, two slim sound bars to match beautifully with any BRAVIA. While supporting the latest audio formats, Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, it is equipped with Sony’ Vertical Surround Engine technology, producing 3-dimensional acoustics alone. The HT-Z9F would also be the first soundbar to support Dolby Atmos.

Along with the sound bars, the WF-SP700N wireless noise-canceling stereo headset is the world’s first noise-canceling and splash-proof (IPX4) wireless headphones. Reaching out to sports and exercise junkies, the WF-SP700N allows individuals to immerse in their favorite tunes without worrying about external dirt and moisture. Sony prides in its sports-centric, behind-the-neck style. It comes with an Ambient Sound mode to allow external sound in during workout, which would come in handy in busy intersections or pedestrian crossings.

On the note of technology updates, Sony announced that there will an increase in voice assistant-compatible devices. Sony plans to bring Google Assistant compatibility to last year’s acclaimed 1000X series of wireless noise-cancelling headphones, as well as newly announced WF-SP700N and WI-SP600N. Sony will also conduct an audio assistant demonstration on location, featuring a lineup of Sony’s audio-visual devices in simulated living room and kitchen.

Xperia Smartphones

At CES 2018, Sony Mobile will be displaying two new super mid-range smartphone models, namely the Xperia XA2 and Xperia XA2 Ultra. the former will come with a FULL HD 5.2-inch display with a 3,300 mAh battery, while the latter carries a Full HD 6.0-inch display with a 3,580 mAh battery.

The XA2 will feature a 23 MP high-resolution main camera that is capable of 4K video shooting with maximum ISO of 128000. Its front camera does not fall short, at 8 MP with a 120-degree super-wide-angle lens. The XA2 Ultra ups its counterpart by having “dual selfie” front cameras with an additional 16 MP camera featuring Optical Image Stabilization.

Both smartphones are built around the Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 Mobile Platform as its core. Along with a refined metallic look, the fingerprint sensor will be located on the back.

Both sets are to be released from late January 2018

Life Space UX

Life Space UX is Sony’s own line of home projectors that transforms audio-visual consumption in your home. The latest LSPX-A1 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector will be launching in spring 2018 in the US. Carefully designed to fit seamlessly into any living environment, its inbuilt imaging technology allows individuals to enjoy 4K HDR projections of up to 120-inches. Audio is not compromised with its Advance Vertical Drive Technology-compatible tweeter producing audio that resonates through the entire space.

A demonstration of “It’s all here” will be carried out at CES 2018. “It’s all here” is a brand new concept that utilizes AI-enabled content analysis and mapping to display large amounts of music, movies, and books to find the content that interests each individual.

Digital Imaging

The new Camera Control Box (CCB), CCB-WD1 will also be on display at CES 2018. The new CCB will expand the possibilities of RX0 which has launched to overwhelming reception last year. The RX0 is a waterproof and robust ultra-compact high image quality action camera. Sony will be demonstrating the new multi-camera solution for the RX0 made possible by CCB-WD1’s wired connection.

The APS-C (crop sensor) compatible E 18-135mm F2.4-5.6 OSS zoom lens announced on 4 January will also be on display. While boasting a compact size, it maintains high magnification and image quality. Sony’s latest lineup of compact cameras, including Cyber-Shot Handycam, α and Action Cam will also be on display.

Game & Network Services

PlayStation VR will be displaying their new virtual reality game “The Last Guardian”. The action-adventure title depicts the adventure of a young boy and colossal, mysterious creature, Trico.

Automotive Image Sensors (Concept)

Sony’s new high-capability image sensors allow cars to start “seeing”. the new demonstration will be showcasing the images sensors’ contribution to the advent of fully autonomous driving. The sensors allow for 360-degrees detection during various driving situations while allowing faster and more accurate capturing of information.

AI x Robotics

Sony announced that it would be aiming to combine its existing strengths in areas such as video and audio technologies, sensors and mechatronics.

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