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Sony brings “Cinemagraphy” to Android with Motiongraph

Sony develops a new Android application called the Motiongraph. This app uses various photo editing techniques to create what is called as a cinemagraph, something that is technically similar to a GIF image.

Are you looking for something to spice up those boring static photographs that you have in your mobile device's gallery? Well Sony has brought a nice new digital toy for you. Sony Digital Network Applications has recently developed and released a new application that will let you sprinkle bits of fantasy in your pictures.

The name of the app is Motiongraph. To put it simply, it is an application that is designed to create cinemagraphs. To those who are new to the term, cinemagraphs are technically defined as very, very short edited videos that has most or all of its moving visual elements controlled or manipulated in some way. They are in a way similar to a GIF, but the relationship is more of a subtype than that of a synonym. The effects that are brought to cinemagraphs most of the times give the edited images a surreal feel, as they are often given attributes or motion sequences that are usually impossible to do in the real world.

To use the Motiongraph, you first have to use the mobile device's camera to record a very short video of something (2 seconds). Then, you will be given the chance to edit certain elements of the video that you want to move and don't want to move throughout the entire sequence. The final product will be a cinemagraph that is animated or given motion exactly according to your preferences. App usage is mainly divided between the shoot, play/rub and save options. There are also various other lighting or color controls to edit the basic visual properties of the cinemagraph depending on the camera used by your unit.

The Motiongraph app is now available at the Google Play Store (starting December 12, 2012), with a price tag of 104 yen (1.2+ USD).

Source: Androwire (JP)

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