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Sony announces wall-mountable Hi-Fi system for the iPhone

Most people will not deny that the iPhone is every bit a fashion statement as much as it is a smartphone, and it seems that Sony is not about to go against such popular opinion, especially if its latest Hi-Fi system that was recently announced in Europe is of any indication. Apparently, the Japanese electronics giant is claiming that the new wall-mountable Hi-Fi system for the iPhone, which is otherwise known as the CMT-CX5, is designed to allow users the luxury of "getting superior sound quality in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing, wall-mountable hi-fi" .

To say that our professional and social lives are slowly but surely starting to revolve our smartphones may sound a bit like an overstatement, but there is no denying that there is some truth in such a claim, considering how addicted we are to our smartphones for access to email, along with Facebook and Twitter updates while on the move. And since we are already so reliant on our smartphones for work and play, Sony apparently thought that it would be a good idea to enhance the "play" part of the equation with the introduction of its new, wall-mountable iPhone Hi-Fi system, the CMT-CX5BiP.

According to the official press release issued by Sony Europe, the CMT-CX5BiP is a Hi-Fi system designed to allow users the luxury of "getting superior sound quality in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing, wall-mountable hi-fi" without making it stand out from one's home decor like a sore thumb, and it shows. Sony claims that the Hi-Fi system will consist of three units (main unit and two speakers), "which can be grouped for efficiency and aesthetic purposes or separated depending upon the stylistic preferences".

The wall-mountable part, according to Sony, will come in the form of "key holes on the back panel" that is reportedly capable of giving users the "freedom to either mount the system on the wall, or display via shelf set-up". In addition, the CMT-CX5BiP will feature Sony's Dynamic Sound Generator X-tra technology, which "delivers a clear, crisp sound that can be enjoyed via a number of audio inputs". Last but definitely not least, the CMT-CX5BiP will come bundled with built-in support for a variety of audio input sources such as media players, CD and even FM tuners through USB or a 3.5mm audio-in jack,  as well as by connecting one’s iPod or iPhone onto the dock.

Unfortunately, Sony Europe has not announced any details pertaining to pricing for the CMT-CX5BiP wall-mountable Hi-Fi system, although it has revealed that the product is expected to be released for sale in the UK come August 2011.

Source: Akihabara News

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