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Sony Announces Updates to Existing VAIO Lineup

Singapore may be in a pemernant state of summer all year round, but that is not going to stop Sony from releasing updated models of its VAIO computers in time for the Winter season. In addition to sporting newer CPUs and graphics cards, certain models are also going to come with some additional enhancements and features.

Winter may be nothing more than a fantasy for tropical Singapore, but that does not mean that the festive joy cannot be brought over by artificial means. And if you happen to be a loyal fan of Sony products, the better. That is because Sony has just announced on their official blog that several VAIO models will be receiving hardware boosts and enhancements just in time for the winter season.

VAIO E Series

First up on the list is the VAIO E Series: Sony claims that three new processors from Intel, the Core i5-580, Core i5-460M and a Pentium Dual Core P6100 processors will be making their way into the VAIO E’s internals. In addition, the EA and EB series will also gain an option to include a 1GB graphics card for additional graphics processing capabilities.

Furthermore, Sony has announced that the EB and EC series will be refitted with displays capable of full HD resolutions, ostensibly to further segment the VAIO E series as a multimedia-capable notebook. And lastly, the company has promised to bring back the Passion Purple colour option to the series, citing fan feedback as the cause of their decision.

VAIO L series

Previous versions of the VAIO L All-In-One touchscreen PC had an option to bundle in a Blu-ray optical drive at an extra charge, but this time, Sony will be do away with the option. Instead, the refreshed VAIO L series will come with the Blu-ray drive built into the PC itself, along with a few bumps to its hardware specs. A 2TB hard disk now comes standard with the PC, along with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400S processor and 8GB of DDR2 RAM clocked at 800MHz.

VAIO F Series

The F Series also benefits from a specs bump, albeit in a slightl more indirect manner. Instead of the usual Nvidia GeForce 310M graphics card, Sony has swapped in a newer, more powerful GT425M which it claims will make the F Series more capable in the games department. Also added to the notebook are 2 two USB 3.0 port, which allows for even faster data transfers over the current mainstream USB 2.0 standard.

Unfortunately, there is no mention about local availability of the aforementioned products, so all we can do is wait and hope that they will eventually make their way to our shores. Meanwhile, for those who are interested, the pricing for the refreshed models (base versions) are as such:

VAIO E Series:

VAIO EA: US$699.99 (P6100), US$829.99 (Core i5-460M), US$929.99 (Core i5-580M)
VAIO EB: US$649.99 (P6100), US$779.99 (Core i5-460M), US$879.99 (Core i5-580M)
VAIO EC: US$769.99 (P6100), US$899.99 (Core i5-460M), US$999.99 (Core i5-580M)

VAIO L Series: US$2199.99

VAIO F Series: US1149.99

Source: Sony Blog

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