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PS4 bundle offers designated for European customers which will include the newest entry in the Killzone franchise and a few extra toppings to boot.


Today, Sony acknowledged the existence of the long rumored PS4 bundle which includes Killzone: Shadow Fall. News first broke about the package deal back in August when Amazon France accidentally spilled the beans. However, at the time, Sony refused to confirm or deny whether the bundle would ever see the light of day.

Now it’s official. The European arm of the Playstation blog broke the silence today and revealed that there are two options of the bundle to choose from. The cheaper alternative includes a PS4, one Dualshock 4 controller, and a physical copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall. This will set you back 439 ($594). The other option includes all the bells and whistles, namely, the PS4 console, an additional Dualshock 4 controller, the Playstation Camera, and of course, a copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall. The ‘mega bundle’, as it is called, will be available for 499 ($675).

Coincidentally, or maybe not, that latter price point is the same as for the Xbox One. Customers who have pre-ordered Microsoft’s new offering get the console, Kinect and one controller, along with a copy of FIFA 14 for around 499 ($675). Seems like Sony is really going for the jugular with this one.

Sony UK boss Fergal Gara has suggested that more package deals may be on the cards, saying, “There are other bundles that also represent incredibly good value. It’s not just about having a good base price. We want to offer value in every way we can.”

There’s no word yet on the Killzone bundle’s availability outside of Europe, but it’s rather unlikely that Sony will leave the rest of the world out in the cold as far as bundle offers are concerned.

The Playstation 4 will be out in Europe on the 29th of November and in North America on the 15th of November.

Source: Eurogamer

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