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Sony Announces New E-Mount Professional “NXCAM” HD Camcorder Concept

It seems that even professional HD camcorders are starting to take cues from the rapid development of digital lens technology in the still camera world. Four months after Sony announced its NEX –VG10 video camera which made use of the E-mount, the company is back with a variant of its professional NXCAM camcorder which uses the same E-mount.

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Does anyone know what the E-mount system is used for? That is right: it can be found on Sony’s NEX product line of digital imaging products such as the NEX-3 and NEX-5 mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras and more recently, the NEX-VG10 consumer camcorder. That is all there is to Sony’s E-mount, right?

Well, apparently not. Apparently, it seems that Sony has much bigger plans for the system, and is not satisfied with limiting the E-mount only to consumer digital imaging products. The result: the Japanese electronics giant has just announced a concept for its professional NXCAM range of video cameras which makes use of the very same E-mount found in the NEX-series of still and video digital cameras.

At first glance, Sony’s new E-mount based NXCAM does not seem to resemble anything more than a big black box with a huge lens attached to it. However, Sony has announced that the product is still in its concept and development stages: as such its design is expected to go through several revisions before the NXCAM is released for retail. Which, according to Sony, is expected to take place sometime in “the first half of 2011”.

Features-wise, not much is known about the E-mount based NXCAM. Sony has announced that the camcorder will make use of a full-frame “Super 35mm” image sensor to deliver the best video quality needed, which puts it on par with traditional small-format film video cameras.

However, the true draw of the NXCAM lies in its selection of lenses. According to Sony, the camcorder will support E-mount lenses used in the NEX3, NEX-5 digital still cameras and NEX-VG10 camcorder. In addition, A-mount lenses used in the company’s range of DSLR cameras are also supported via the use of an adaptor, thus ensuring that the new NXCAM camcorder will have a wide selection of lenses to choose from at launch. Last but not least, Sony also claims that the camcorder has the potential to support lenses from competing mounts, as long as the appropriate adaptor is supplied for use. However, Sony warns that it will not provide any guarantee that all adaptors will be supported.

Lastly, like all the NXCAM professional camcorders before it, the concept E-mount NXCAM’s native’s video capturing format will be that of AVCHD at 1080p (60fps, 30fps, 24fps, 50fps or 25fps) with MPEG 4 or h.264 compression.

Reference: Sony Japan

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