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Sony Announces New Bravia HDTV with… Built-In PlayStation 2 Console. Say What?

It is one thing to have a HDTV, and it is another thing to own a video game console. But selling a TV with a recent video game console built into it has to be a world’s first. And this is not an embedded NES or SNES console we are talking about: apparently, Sony has found a way to cram in an entire Playstation 2 console right into its new Bravia HDTV. Talk about convergence technology at its finest.

There is a new video game console in town, and it is a Sony. But this is not some fancy-schmancy Playstation 4 or PSP 2 we are talking about here. In fact, Sony’s new console is all about the convenience of convergence technology, and this particular system actually allows a user to obtain two gadgets at the price of one. Button-mashing its way to the UK market is Sony’s new Bravia KDL-22PX300, a HD-capable television set which allows users to…wait for it…play Playstation 2 games from within the TV set itself.

Sounds jaw-droppingly unbelievable? It is not: apparently, the fact that the new PS3 is not very friendly with its predecessor means that most console gamers are forced to maintain both machines if they still want to enjoy their old PS2 games. And since most people who want to get a PS3 will spring for a HDTV to take advantage of the PS3’s graphical prowess, Sony apparently thought that it would be a good idea to sell such users a HD-capable TV that is built out of PS2 hardware and supports every last PS2 game in the market to complement their new PS3.

Of course, the built-in PS2 is not the only selling point of the new Bravia HDTV. While it is not capable of Full HD (max resolution of 1366 x 768), the TV set sports four HDMI slots, a Freeview Tuner, three USB 2.0 ports and an Ethernet port for online connectivity. And apparently, if one was to connect an additional dongle, WiFi connectivity is also possible. And naturally, typical analog video input options such as VGA and component-in are also present.

There is no mention of a global launch for the television set (if at all), so it is highly possible that the new Bravia HDTV may just be a UK-exclusive product at this point of time. However, if that is not about to stop you from getting your hands on one of these consoles/TVs, the KDL-22PX300 can be yours for a somewhat reasonable price of £200.

Reference: reghardware

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