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Sony and Panasonic to use LG’s 3D technology in their TVs


With LG having great success in their 3D TV sales in China and North America, it is no wonder Japanese electronics companies Sony and Panasonic, who are struggling in this market segment, have opted to incorporate LG's 3D technology into their future line of TVs.

According to Nho Seok-ho, head of LG Electronics’ LCD TV division, Panasonic and Sony have plans to expand their lineup of 3DTVs this year, and that their upcoming models will use LG’s 3D technology. There is a battle for 3D technology supremacy, between LG's Film Pattern Retarder (FPR) and Samsung's Active Shutter. And it seems that LG has an advantage over its rival as it is more affordable to the battery-powered glasses, though in terms of visual 3D quality, it is still very much debatable. Sony has rarely mentioned that it has been selling 32- and 42-inch 3D TVs with film-patterned 3D technology in China since this year, while Panasonic is relying more on LG for 3D screens for many of its TV models. The Korean manufacturer is also planning to add a 60-inch model to its 3D TV lineup of a 65- and 72-inch set in June.

Source: Korea Times

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