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Sonos ZonePlayer S5 Debuts in Singapore

Sonos ZonePlayer S5

Audiophiles may have heard of Sonos, a consumer electronics company from Santa Barbara, California. Tat Chuan Acoustic, the distributor for Sonos, has announced the availability of the high performance audio products including the wireless multi-room sound system ZonePlayer S5 will be available here in Singapore.

The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 has gotten favorable reviews when it was launched in US last November, and now the wireless music player will be available in Singapore.

Brought in by Tat Chuan Acoustic, the ZonePlayer S5 can be purchased from the showroom located at The Adelphi (#01-17 at Coleman Street), as well as EpiCentre outlets at ION Orchard, Wheelock Place and Marina Bay Sands at a recommended retail price of S$742 (after GST).

ZonePlayer wireless music players can distribute and play all the songs you want at your house and let you control it via a wireless remote control. The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 is an audio player that comes with five built-in speakers powered by five dedicated digital amplifiers, two tweeters, two midrange drivers and a subwoofer.

The S5 works right out of the box. Simply connect the S5 to your home router and you will be able to enjoy your favorite music that are stored in your laptop.

Some features of the ZonePlayer S5:-

1) Access to unlimited music of your choice
The S5 allows users access to millions of songs. You can choose to play music from your personal music library or iTunes collection stored on your computer. Or when connected to the internet, you can tune in to more than 25,000 internet radio stations, shows and podcasts all across the world that can be pre-loaded on Sonos. What’s more, it’s all free of charge. It also works seamlessly with popular music services including Napster, Pandora and Rhapsody.  And because Sonos connects directly to the internet, you can access all these web-based music without even turning on your computer.

2) Choice of different music and volume in every room
With the S5, you can play different music in different rooms – jazz in your bedroom, hip-hop in your kids’ room or classical in the living room, all at the same time.  At a few taps of a finger, a dedicated controller (Sonos Controller 200) lets you search for songs and stations, choose the music and adjust the volume all at once or room by room. If you like, you could also sync everything up so that every room has the same music.  The Sonos Multi-room Music System can be extended up to 32 zones or rooms.

3) Easy control any way you want it
The Sonos Controllers let you control all your music in all your rooms from anywhere in the house. There are three modes of control:

a) Sonos Controller for Mac or PC
The software, available for both Mac and PC comes with every ZonePlayer. It lets you control the entire Sonos system from any desktop or laptop in the house. 

b) Sonos Controller 200
For more portability, you can opt for the palm-size Sonos Controller, a dedicated wireless remote control that you can carry around the house, so you don’t have to run back and forth to your computer.

c) Sonos Controller for iPhone and iPod Touch
By simply downloading a free application from the iTunes App Store, you can also immediately turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a full-fledged touch-screen remote control that acts exactly like the Sonos Controller.   You also do not need to place your iPhone in the dock like a traditional iPod docking station, you can place them in your pocket. And you can continue to use your iPhone freely, making a call or texting while the music remains uninterrupted.

4) Additional software features
Sonos also offers free software updates packed with new features and music offers. The software (Version 3.2) provides crossfading, allowing smooth transitions between songs like how the deejays do them. With the feature turned on, the volume at the end of the first song fades out as the volume of the next song fades in. Another feature is the S5 stereo pair setting, perfect for parties or really large rooms, this setting allows you to group two S5s in the same room so that one S5 serves as the left channel and the other as the right channel, creating a great stereo surround in large spaces. 

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  1. Sonos has improved through the years. They now have wireless speakers and some can be voice-controlled too. I myself owns a Sonos beam and it has been a great addition to my entertainment room.

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