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Some amazing Black Ops II statistics

Call of Duty: Black Ops II was released a week ago, and Treyarch has been collecting gameplay stats on it's players. They've presented the stats on a website. Some of the numbers are absolutely staggering.

Since Black Ops II was released last week, players have been racking up some absolutely amazing gameplay statistics. Treyarch, as with most other studios have been collecting gameplay data. This kind of data serves an important purpose; it allows the developers to use every player's statistics to monitor the game and subsequently adjust it (e.g. by adjusting the damage or accuracy of various weapons) to ensure fairness and good fun.

However, the statistics are just plain interesting, even by themselves, and Treyarch has created a webpage which continuously updates the stats on a number of things in game. If you want to check it out yourself, head on over to Call of Duty's global stats page. We've presented a few whopping numbers below, but bear in mind that these stats are changing faster than they can be typed into the article.


It's amazing how dedicated people are to killing each other online


These are some of the stats for roughly 12.30 PM GMT, on Thursday November 22nd, 2012:


Hours played: 88,230,297

Shots fired: 202,808,263,226

Total kills: 10,179,642,070

Dollar value of destroyed oil barrels, at $80 per barrel: $1,017,645,506

Zombies Killed: 9,049,655,020

Players who have reached Prestige: 1,830,455

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