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Some additional details about the new iPhones revealed

By a China Mobile official, apparently.


iPhone fans just can’t get enough of all of the rumors and leaks that are circulating these days, providing sketchy information of what to expect from the new iPhones that Apple is likely to unveil next month. Most part and component leaks seem to originate from China and that’s because bulk production of these devices happens there and many suppliers are based in the People’s Republic too.

However the most recent report out of China brings claims made by a purported China Mobile official who has revealed some additional details about the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The official is quoted as saying that the new iPhones will be released on China Mobile between September 18 and September 25, these expected release dates do lineup with the possible announcement date of September 9 for the new devices.

As it has already been rumored multiple times the official says that both new iPhones come with Force Touch technology as well as 2GB RAM, they’re going to be powered by Apple’s A9 processor, it was reported recently that a rose gold/pink color option might be in the pipeline as well but the official says that’s far from confirmed at this stage.

Apple has not commented on this report and we can’t expect it to, however it should soon confirm when the event is going to take place, not many days left between now and September.

Source: GforGames

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