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Solar-powered Anywhere Fridge keeps your food fresh on-the-go

Great for camping aficionados and advocates of sustainable living, the Anywhere Fridge can be powered up and charged from a car’s 12 volt socket or through solar power.

Anywhere fridge

Green living has become a buzzword amid the clamor for lower carbon footprints and reduced dependency on the grid. For most, this means choosing cars that consume less fuel, using more efficient household and office equipment, choosing green building designs and being committed to other lifestyle changes. For folks who are fond of going outdoors, here’s one crowd-funded project that promises to provide convenience and improved energy efficiency while on the go.

The Anywhere Fridge is a solar-powered freezer, refrigerator or warmer that can also be powered through alternative means. The device is designed to be portable — it folds into a suitcase-like size for easy storage or transportation. Because the device can be powered by the sun, campers can simply leave it in the open and be assured that food will not spoil and beverages will remain cold (or warm, depending on the need).

Solar Fridge2

The Anywhere Fridge can also be powered directly from a regular AC wall outlet or from a car’s 12 volt power outlet, which makes it an ideal alternative to an icebox for storing perishable goods en route home after going grocery shopping.

The solar-power fridge comes with a lithium-ion battery that charges from either the sun or power outlet, and will maintain temperatures overnight. Since the solar panels are detachable, these could be connected through the supplied cable, so users can store the fridge in a car’s trunk and still charge it by placing the solar panels against the window. The device also comes with a display indicating the level of charge, as well as the desired temperature levels.

The fridge comes in two sizes, both of which fold into an easily transportable design. As an added bonus, the fridge also has two USB ports, which can be used for charging small devices like smartphones.

Solar Fridge

The Albuquerque, NM-based team behind the solar-charging fridge has launched a campaign on Indiegogo with a target funding goal of $1,000 — something surprising given the kind of device. However, the company has raised $122,244 with the campaign just recently closing. Through the crowd-funding campaign, backers could order the small fridge for $199 and the large one for $499 — a 30 percent discount from the devices’ usual retail prices of $299 and $599, respectively.

Outside of the crowd-funding campaign, the creators are offering buyers the chance to own the solar-charging fridge through an installment plan, which goes through PayPal. Shipping is free within the US and costs $89 to ship anywhere else.

Beyond being used for outdoors, the solar-charging technology in the Anywhere Fridge might be a useful addition for other household devices, automotive applications and perhaps portable electronic devices. If sunlight could charge a freezer, why shouldn’t manufacturers also include alternative power source in their devices?

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