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SoftBank announces availability of 009SH smartphone in Japan

Mobile phones produced by Japanese manufacturers seldom, if ever find themselves being put up for sale on retail shelves in other countries, but that does not mean that people from all over the world cannot drool about how the Japanese always seem to have a knack for producing some extremely well-designed handsets. That being said, fans of Japanese smartphones will probably have much to look forward to this week, as SoftBank has just announced the availability of Sharp's new 009SH smartphone in Japan.

Do you remember the couple of stories we ran about Sharp's 3D-capable smartphone, the 009SH, which is also known as the AQUOS PHONE THE PREMIUM? You know, the ones about Sharp first announcing the availability of the smartphone in Japan, and with a more recent article that revealed the existence of a Yahoo-optimized variant of the 009SH for SoftBank? Well, it seems that the time has arrived for the 009SH to come full circle, as SoftBank has just announced that it will begin to start selling the original 009SH in Japan come August 26, which happens to be tomorrow.

As the 009SH is 'original' smartphone that led to the creation of its Yahoo-topmized variant, the 009SH Y, it should be of little surprise that the 009SH sports hardware specifications that are identical to those of the latter. For example, it is powered by the same four-inch QHD display capable of a maximum resolution of 960 x 540, along with an eight-megapixel rear-facing camera, and sports radios for both the CDMA and GSM networks. Also, like the 009SH Y, the 009SH will be preloaded with version 2.3 of the Android operating system and will feature support for a variety of standard features such as wireless connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth, bbut without the various Yahoo-optimized features and software, of course.

However, unlike the 009SH Y which is only available in white, the original 009SH will allow consumers to choose between four different colours, namely gold, black, white and pink.

No prices for the 009SH smartphone have been released by SoftBank at this point of time.

Source: SoftBank Japan

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