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After E3 last week, we begin to sweep up the confetti from the floor and see who won the battle of the next-gen. And no it wasn’t Nintendo…

So I think we can all agree that Microsoft definitely won E3. It’s phenomenal presentation, their range of in-game footage, transparency with it’s customers and the ability to answer questions openly and clearly. It was quite an achievement for Microsoft who had already had a rough couple of weeks after their initial announcement. Of course, I’m being incredibly facetious with those remarks. It was hard being unbiased when it came to the presentations at E3 this year. Between all the hype, the games, the excitement and the lack of straight answers from Microsoft, the world over seemed to be extremely excited about Sony and their new console. But what was the reception like elsewhere?

Over on IGN, over three hundred votes were cast in a four day poll on who was the winner of E3. An incredible 81% said Sony won the expo, 12% said Microsoft were the winners and a sad 7% went to Nintendo. IGN’s coverage of the event included showing off both the conferences live, live blogging the entire event and journalists on the ground covering every single aspect. Meanwhile, online retailer Amazon decided to have a poll of their own.


Amazon’s poll was launched shortly after the PS4 conference and was originally scheduled to last to the 20th. I say originally because they closed the polling four days early due to the overwhelming response.  In only a matter of days, the final numbers read 38984 votes in favour of the PS4 and only 2162 votes in favor of the Xbox One. This was 95% of the 41146 votes, which Amazon decided was enough to call a winner on the 16th of June.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter who “won” E3. It’s just a term that historians and sports commentators use to sum up events with massive competitors. It tears apart fans and it breaks people’s hearts to see their team “lose”, not realising the greatest part of all three of these type of events: The Game. The fun and the games are what is important. Winning or losing are just terms thrown around the room to make people feel more or less powerful. Whether you choose the PS4 or Xbox One or even purchase a Wii U right now, the point is you have fun and you enjoy yourself.

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