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Snapdragon 805-packing Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3 are nigh, says Korean press

The original Samsung Galaxy S5 version is a measly couple of months old, and LG’s standard G3 is yet to properly debut on US store shelves, but apparently, two slightly upgraded models will be seeing daylight by the end of June.


Usually, when rumors centered on a particular device stack up the way they have these past few months vis-à-vis the ultra-high-end GS5 flavor, aka Galaxy F or S5 Prime, the gadget’s story becomes clearer and clearer by the day. Until there are no questions to be answered.

But for once, it looks like the picture is getting fuzzier with each new report. The latest coming from Korea, courtesy of local industry insiders quoted by Korea Times, and hinting at a rollout later this month for an LTE-Advanced-supporting Galaxy S5.

This could well be the mythical “Galaxy S5 Prime”, or simply another S5 spin-off with a slight connectivity boost and performance upgrade. Rumor is the LTE-A S5 shall pack a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chip, precisely to handle Cat 6 LTE speeds (225 Mbps), which Korea’s leading networks will introduce in a few weeks.

Galaxy F gold

Of course, an air of mystery still hovers around the premium smartphone’s Western prospects, as well as its build quality. A fresh press render divulged by the omniscient @evleaks showcases the Galaxy F with either an all-aluminum or brushed metal (read plastic) rear cover, all painted in “perfect golden” and adding to the big riddle.

Besides, the homescreen’s date is all messed up (Wednesday, 12 September?), so I wouldn’t rule out the pic being a shameless fake.


Things are a lot clearer in the camp of Samsung’s traditional domestic adversary, LG, which is also reportedly prepping a G3 follow-up with mind-blowing LTE-Advanced speeds and Snapdragon 805 power.

Said sequel is unlikely to tweak any other G3 feature, so again, the air is a little cleaner there. As long as you don’t question the decision to bump up the on-board chip of a barely launched “flagship” device.

Sources: Korea Times, Evleaks

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