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Snapchat Spectacles Review: A Must-Get for Regular Snappers

Snapchat spectacles, if you’re a regular Snapchatter, then you will want to own one of these. Glasses that take photos have been in spy movies since decades ago, but ones that take 10-second clips for your friends’ and your own amusement on social media, that’s new for sure. Snapchat spectacles open up the possibility of taking photos hands-free and lets other users see your day through your lenses (quite literally) and it is fantastic.


  • Fantastic hands-free recording function
  • Ultra-fluid capture
  • Doubles as a pair of sunglasses


  • Probably not ideal at night since they’re shades
  • Moderately-high price point
  • Not compatible with those who wear spectacles

How does it work?

Snapchat spectacles function as both sunglasses and a recording device. There are sensors on the frame of the spectacles and you have to hit a button on the top of your frame to begin recording your 10-second clip. During your recording, there will be a circle of light around the camera sensor to indicate that you’re currently shooting.


You first have to pair the glasses with your phone, this can be done by just looking at a Snapcode on your app. After which, all your 10-second snaps will go directly to your phone. These Snaps are saved separately under Snapchat Memories and will have a circular frame so you can identify them easily.

Normally, you will be sending out low-quality videos, but if you wish to send out higher-definition ones, you have to follow a separate route by doing this:

  • Settings > Wi-Fi > join the Spectacles network and send it out via the Snapchat Wi-Fi

Video Quality

These Snaps you take are honestly quite good. They are 1080×1080 pixel in resolution and appear as a circle. In good lighting conditions, especially the day, the videos are well-shot but at night, things can get a little noisy.

I don’t recommend using the Snapchat spectacles at night anyway for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, using sunglasses at night just looks silly.

Secondly, you might fall since these shades are really quite dark.

Thirdly, the low-light condition causes the shades to shoot low-quality videos, which aren’t very nice to look at anyway.

Lastly, when you shoot videos, there will be a circular ring of light which you will notice very obviously, and it’s quite blinding since it is so close to your eyes.

Battery Life & Charging Case

In case you didn’t know, your Snapchat spectacles case is actually a charging case. Slotting the glasses back into the case will also recharge your spectacles, and it should hold about 4 full charges. Honestly, I didn’t really even find a need to recharge the box. I could go for 2-3 days without even recharging the case. Perhaps because I don’t Snap too much, probably 10 videos per day is the maximum I shoot and I can’t see a reason to Snap more than that unless you want to spam your friends.

As such, battery life on these Snapchat spectacles are nothing short of brilliant.

Should You Buy Them?

Well, this is a hard question to answer. I really loved these glasses to be honest. They look chic, hip and fashionable, plus they are so intuitive to use. If you love capturing moments of your life on-the-go, I absolutely recommend them, even if you’re not a serial Snapchatter, if you are a serial Snapchatter, then the answer is Hell yea!.

The only people I don’t recommend them to, are folks who wear glasses, which then again, excludes them from the majority of the Singaporean population.

In conclusion, the glasses are indeed a tad pricey at S$239.00 on Shopee, and with a discount code of SPECxVRZ, you can get an additional S$20 off though!


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