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Snakes on an actual plane cause emergency landing

In a case of real life copying fiction, a plane outbound from Cairo, Egypt was forced to make an emergency landing because a snake was loose in the cabin.

When Snakes on a Plane hit the cinemas, one of the reasons it was so entertaining was because of it's absolutely ridiculous premise that could never… totally happen. An Egypt Air flight from Egypt to Kuwait was indeed recently forced to make an emergency landing because of snakes on the plane.

A 48-year old Jordanian man who owned a reptile shop decided to bring his Egyptian Cobra along for the flight and smuggled it in via his carry-on luggage. During the flight, he for some reason wanted to say hello to the snake, and while attempting to handle it, the man was bitten in the hand. After this, the cobra slithered away, loose in the cabin.


A motherf***ing snake on a motherf***ing plane.


Egyptian Cobras can kill an Elephant in 3.5 hours and a person in 15 minutes, but still, the Egyptian newspaper al-Masry al-Youm reports that the man refused treatment, claiming the wound was superficial. After local authorities confiscated the snake, the flight resumed to it's original destination with no further incidents.


This story raises some questions. First, how did this man manage to smuggle a live cobra onto a plane? And if security is that bad in Cairo, then how does the TSA justify stopping me for bringing nail clippers onto a plane? Thirdly, and most importantly, where was Samuel L Jackson during this incident? It should also be noted, that this isn't the first time there's been snakes on a plane. Last year, a traveler in South America was stopped after attempting to travel with checked baggage contain over 400 snakes – they never made it into the cabin though.

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