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Smile Semi Tablet makes Japanese grade school more colorful

Just Systems unveils the Smile Semi, a special learning tablet that is specifically designed to be used by grade school students in Japan.

Japanese software company Just Systems revealed on November 20, 2012 their newest product, the Smile Semi. It is a 9.7-inch tablet that is optimized for correspondence education, and is specifically targeted towards grade school users. The OS used for it will be Android, although much of its software will be altered and changed to fit in their own custom learning app.


The course outline of the tablet's custom learning app will include most subjects from Japanese grade school, mainly (Japanese) Language, Arithmetics, Cooking, and Social subjects. The teaching materials for each subject will be sent to the units once each month. There are 20 lectures in all for each subject, with one lecture lasting for as long as 20 minutes. Aside from standard e-lessons, the tablet will also provide drills to work on what the child had just learned.



The primary theme for the development of the tablet was for children to learn on their own without the need to push them to do educational tasks. Just Smile used key phrases such as "Children will be all over it" and "They'll habitually use it" to promote its general usability and feasibility as a modern educational device. In addition, the element of interaction is said to be optimized for the unit, allowing children to touch, see, listen and talk to the device as they work on their lessons and drills.



Actual specifications of the tablet were not revealed in the announcement. However the company said that it would include standard tablet hardware features such as back-cameras, speakers, microphones, and microSD/SDHC slots. The weight of the unit is rated at 600 grams, and it will have the overall look and feel of the first iPad.

Previously, Just Systems had developed the Just Smile, a type of education assistance software made for the PC. They had been releasing several updated versions of the software since 1999. The primary interface of the software is very much similar to the one that they are using for Smile Semi. In fact, the company actually used their experience in building those kinds of educational software in preparation for the development of the Smile Semi tablet.

Source: ITMedia (JP)

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