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This smartwatch displays the time on your skin

A smartwatch campaign on Indiegogo projects the time and other visual data onto your skin, promising a fresh change from the usual screen-based display.

Ritot smartwatch

Wristwatches have evolved little since the last century, says the team behind Ritot, a smartwatch that projects its display onto the user’s skin. While designs have changed through the years, the basic concept has remained the same — watches show the time on the face. Newer devices like smartwatches also provide a way for users to interact through a touch screen.

The Ritot team wants to change this, however, with a smartwatch that projects information onto your wrist. Being a smartwatch, Ritot does more than show the time. It also provides an alternative means to receive notifications from your smartphone. These include incoming caller ID, messages, Facebook alerts, Twitter tweets, emails, calendar alerts, weather alerts and other apps. The packages comes with a Ritot app, which enables users to define which applications will notify through the watch.

Ritot hands

Ritot can be activated either by pressing a button or shaking one’s hand. The display can project in 20 different colors. According to the creators, the on-skin display works in both daytime and nighttime, and will work on both right and left wrists. Standby is at a month, while actual projection time is estimated at 150 hours. Two versions of the Ritot are available: a “sport” model and a “bracelet” model.

Each Ritot watch comes with a base charging station, which powers up the watch through inductive charging. The base can also be used to set-up the projection color and shift the position between left and right hands. In addition, the base can also function as an alarm clock.

Ritot charger

The Indiegogo campaign has targeted $50,000 and is currently at $299,126, exceeding the target by 498 percent still with 36 days left. Having breached its first stretch goal, the team is offering Ritot at several new colors. The next stretch goal ($400,000) will incorporate fitness-tracking features into the smartwatch.

Backers get the smartwatch for $120, while $200 gets you a pair. Three watches sell for $285, while $450 gets you five sets. As with most crowd-funding campaigns, however, the price might be a bit steep for a device that does considerably less than other smartwatches like the Samsung Gear 2 series (which starts at $200). However, the wrist-projection technology is certainly a novelty and could be an interesting way to show information from wearable devices in the future.

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