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Smart TV platforms have apparently much to fear from the new Apple TV’s user interface

The battle for your living room is heating up.


Tech companies have become much more aggressive in the battle for space in your living room, a couple of years ago it was all about set-top boxes but now there are devices like streaming sticks which essentially provide many of the same features in a much smaller form factors. Then there are smart TVs powered by platforms from LG, Google, Samsung and others that also provide apps, games, access to streaming services and much more.

Set-top boxes aren’t completely out of the game though and Apple is looking to make a return next month, the company is expected to launch the new Apple TV in September. According to a new report the user interface on Apple’s new set-top box is going to be much better than what’s available out there right now on rival set-top boxes as well as on smart TV platforms.

The report doesn’t go into many details about what the new user interface actually brings to the table, it only says that this time around the set-top box is going to be a “real” Apple TV product which basically means that Apple is now much more serious about its TV ambitions.

Content will be a key differentiator and the new Apple TV is finally going to get an App Store, moreover there’s an internet TV streaming service that the company is trying to get off the ground, if that happens by next year the Apple TV will have serious credentials and could very well find itself clinching the battle for your living room.

Source: Ubergizmo

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