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Smart Kegel trainer wants women to have fun while exercising their private parts

In one of the more interesting Kickstarter crowd-funding campaigns of late, the kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer is an interactive training system for pelvic floor exercises designed for women. And yes, it vibrates!

K-Goal with app

San Francisco-based startup Minna Life has developed a “smart trainer” for doing pelvic floor exercises, which health experts recommend that women do to improve the muscle strength in their private regions. The exercises are said to improve musco-skeletal stability, bladder control, recovery after pregnancy, and increase pleasure during sexual intercourse.

“Exercise can be boring,” says the creators, however, and women usually lose interest because they may not be doing it right. A smart device can make it more interesting, and the team has built such a device that the exercises are being done the right way. The kGoal Smart Kegel Trainer package comes with a squeezable pillow-like device designed to be inserted into the vagina, as well as an iOS app (Android app coming soon), which provides real-time biofeedback and keeps track of one’s exercise routine.


The creators are aiming to start mass production by August 2014, and they have launched a Kickstarter campaign targeting $90,000 to get started with manufacturing, so far reaching $67,207 with 30 days to go. The device is set to retail for $175 after the campaign, but early bird backers can get the kGoal for $99. $99 gets backers the chance to have the first production run, set to finish by December 2014.

However, the bigger goal here is to educate and “get the word out and build the conversation” about the delicate topic. The team is aware that “this part of the body, and some of the health issues associated with it, can be delicate topics,” and it would benefit women around the world to understand their bodies better.

As for the vibration, Minna’s earlier products were actually well-designed vibrators, and the company has actually launched a “couples vibrator” campaign on Indiegogo before, which exceeded its $60,000 funding goal, earning $83,777. “It’s a short-term reward for exercises with long-term benefits,” Jon Thomas, VP of manufacturing at Minna, told Fast Co. “We’re making something that’s traditionally very boring fun.”

Source: Fast Company

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