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CES is all about the fun stuff. Not just phones and laptops, but strange little innovations like smart heels as well. French company, Zhor-Tech showed off two pairs of these “smart” high heels at CES last week. They are just one of the numerous and growing list of tech companies that are trying to break into the women’s market with an armada of Bluetooth-connected, femme products.

Known as the Zhor-Tech Digitsole heels, these guys come in 2 models.

One of them comer with heated insoles whereas the other has an adjustable, mechanical high heel. The heated insoles actually build on technology that Zhor-Tech has previously produced under its Digitsole brand. The adjustable heel on the other hand, is completely brand new.

Having a little fitness edge in these heels, both pairs of heel are capable of activity tracking and can pair wirelessly with an app. This app will act as your controller for the temperature and height of your heels.

For the adjustable high heels, they have a height of between 1.7 inches to about  3.1 inches. These 2 heels should be a modern woman’s utopian heels. Instead of carrying around with you an extra pair of shoes  so that you can ditch those annoying high heels you were made to wear by your boss gets too uncomfortable on the ride home and switch into flats — all you have to do is tap a virtual button and watch your heels get more down to earth.

The heels aren’t really a beauty to be honest, it’s something engineers built, not designers, so well, yea. In fact, The Verge says it looks like “an exaggerated tap shoe with a chunky metal stump”.

Other than its aesthetics, there’s another issue which you will have to deal with. This heel needs to be recharged, so yes there is a microUSB, on your heel. Zhor-Tech says a single charge should give you a 4-day battery life.

Zhor-Tech revealed that the high heels will be going on sale this year for $299 a pair, but we don’t know the exact date yet.

Zayne Seah
A tech geek going beyond specs.

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