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This Smart Hairbrush Will Teach You How to Comb Your Hair

You think you know how to comb your hair. You thought wrong. The Kerastase Hair Coach by Withings Technology is the new smart hair brush which had its debut at CES 2017.

This smart hair brush was developed in conjunction with the cosmetics giant L’Oreal in its experimental tech incubator. What this brush hopes to do is essentially analyse your combing technique and teach you with better tips.

If you think that specifications don’t matter to hair brushes, you were wrong. This smart brush probably has the specs your smartphone has as well. It comes armed with a microphone alongside conductivity sensors which will help identify if your hair is wet or dry. It even has an accelerometer as well as a gyroscope which can measure the brush’s orientation and movement. If you are wondering what the microphone is for, you’re not alone. Apparently, it can hear the split ends in your hair that you’ve been intending to manage. The 3-axis load cells will actually also help identify how much stress you are placing down on your head, which will then give you feedback on your combing technique. That’s definitely interesting for sure.

From what we know, the Kerastase Hair Coach will go be retailing for less than $200 and will come with a companion app which utilises data from the connected brush and converts it into a hair quality score. In fact, the device actually also utilizes your location’s weather and UV rating to help you with the management of your luscious hair. Fantastic isn’t it?

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