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Small town proposes new hunting license for shooting down US government drones

A small Colorado town has proposed a new ordinance that will place bounties on U.S. Government aerial drones (UAV), and willing hunters will be rewarded handsomely for their work in the field.


Phillip Steel of Deer Trail, Colorado has proposed a new local law which will allow locals to protect their privacy and rights as an American with the brute force of a shotgun. If the law passes, Deer Trailians (-ers?) will be able to obtain a drone hunting license, and from there it’s all about finding the right prey and steady aim.

According to Steel’s proposal, drone hunters can earn $25 for recovering parts of a government drone (ex. a wing or fuselage), and a whopping $100 for dragging in the full drone carcass. The drone hunting license will cost people $25 per year, but that fee can be easily mitigated if they can bring in just a small piece of a drone (which we all know is in high abundance like the American bald eagle).

There are specific guidelines for identifying and executing the UAVs, however, and one of which includes when a person may engage in combat with the drone. Specifically, the proposal states that people may “engage [with] such vehicle [when it is] defined as [being] aggressive [which] may include but are not limited to the following: i. Stalking ii. Repetitive maneuvers or appearance of following, pervasive surveillance, etc.” Most importantly, the proposal also put in place rules to protect remote control toys to prevent hunters from shooting down kid-driven UAVs.

Interested in learning more about the proposed drone hunting law? Click here.

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