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Slew of photos presumably starring Motorola’s Moto X+1 surface online

The most compelling, rigorous, credible Moto X+1-centric report yet has a bunch of pics showcasing every angle and curve of an alleged pre-production unit likely sporting a 5.1-inch display and clearly rocking a wood rear cover.

Moto X

Although it makes perfect sense Motorola would be in the final stages of preparing the nearly one-year-old Moto X a sequel, the X+1 leaks so far have been few and far between. Worst of all, exceptionally vague on specifics and, for the most part, fishy, to put it kindly.

But now Android Police, via an unnamed tipster, dishes out photographic evidence of the customizable next-gen giant’s existence, which the reputable website deems as “reasonably legitimate”. Assuming this isn’t an elaborate fake ergo, the Moto X+1 looks different from its predecessor in certain key departments while preserving the traditional identity of Motorola handhelds.

Moto X+1

Obviously, Lenovo, the future proprietor of Moto’s assets and product roster, had little to do with X+1’s designing, so overall, the purported 5.1 incher feels familiar yet different. The aluminum strips on the sides are a nice touch in building up its grip, robustness and elegance, though the much too rounded corners kind of defeat the whole purpose.

Meanwhile, several elements seem out of place and/or unpolished, which is understandable given we’re dealing with a pre-release prototype. A “near-final” prototype, according to the source of the images, but still.

Moto X+1 sides

Aside from wood, the leakster tells us, just as @evleaks indicated in the past, that leather backs are in the cards, painted in blue and purple among other colors. Hardware-wise, there’s virtually nothing new to report, so we’ll presume the info previously divulged is legit.

If that’s the case, Motorola is ready to take on Samsung, LG, HTC or Sony’s 2014 flagships with a lesser spec war contender once again, snubbing Quad HD screen resolution for Full HD, Snapdragon 801 or 805 heat for an 800 chip and settling for 2 GB RAM, a 12 MP rear camera, 2,900 mAh battery and 32 GB of internal storage with no external expansion option. Risky.

Source: Android Police

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