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Slash the Germ Side of the Force Away with the Influsaber

The Influsaber is a home-use device that is designed to shoot a wide beam of ultraviolet light on a specific item to sterilize it.

It has been widely claimed nowadays that touchscreens can be dirtier than toilet items. But even if we clean our hands or our phones, we're still not quite sure how clean we could still really be. That's where the idea of on-hand sterilization comes up, and that's where this nifty gadget comes in.

The Influsaber is a special home-use device that is designed to sterilize objects and things using a wide beam of ultraviolet light. As it is widely known, ultraviolet radiation, particularly the UV-C part of it, has strong anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties due to its capability to destroy the genetic structure of microorganisms. The product was presented and developed by Forcemedia, and it has a usage theme centering on the elimination of very common bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli (bacteria that while not inherently harmful, may be the occasional cause of infections and other common bacteria-related ailments).

To use the gadget, you simply have to set a specific amount of time, place it above the target object, and let it bathe in the light until the time expires. Though it can be set to operate for a maximum extended period of about 3 hours, the standard 5-minute UV bathing time period is usually already enough to remove most of the organisms on the objects surface.

For those who are worried about getting those UV rays pointed somewhere where they shouldn't be, don't worry. The Influsaber is designed so that it would automatically turn off if the UV bulb is positioned in any way other than facing laterally downwards.

The UV bulb that is used in the Influsaber is rated to have an operating longevity of about 8000 hours, and powering it would require the use of four AA batteries. The product also comes with protective goggles for added usage safety.

The Influsaber is available in Japan for a price of 9,999 yen (123 USD)

Source: Androwire (JP)

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