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Skyrim with over 100 mods looks beautiful

A gamer named Unreal has added over 100 mods to his copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, turning an already pretty game into a work of art.

One of the great things with pc games is the ability to mod their content. Assuming the right tools are available to the public (and sometimes even if they're not), creative individuals can alter their games in countless ways. This is a big part of pc gaming and so, modifications have been welcomed from day one in Skyrim. Steam and the Skyrim Nexus both have massive catalogs of custom player created content which will change the game in subtle or drastic ways.


One gamer, who goes by the name Unreal (not to be confused with the makers of the Unreal engine), has tested over 300 mods and ended up using a mix of 100 of them, to carve his copy of Skyrim into something even prettier than the already beautiful Skyrim. He has changed the lighting, vegetation density, UI and water appearance to name just a few. To show off his creation, he created a video demonstration, which you can check out below. For reference, the Skyrim gameplay trailer is down there as well:


Here's what Unreal has put together


And here's the original, in case you want a reference

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