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Skype 5.8 brings Full HD video calling, Facebook integration and more

What looks to be quite a significant update for Skype has just been made available, which most notably brings with it Full HD video-calling support, Facebook integration and Group Screen Sharing features.

Provided you are using a suitable webcam (of which for now looks to be limited to the Logitech C920), Skype 5.8 for Windows will allow you to make high definition video calls. We're not quite sure if there are other webcams that will work in Full HD mode at this time, but in the case of the Logitech, Skype was quick to support it, thanks to the video encoding being done inside the camera, allowing smooth Full HD video quality on older computers.

The Facebook integration feature will allow you to initiate a video call with a Facebook user, regardless of whether or not they have Skype installed, while the new Group screen sharing feature allows a user to share their full desktop or a single application with others in a conference call. It should be noted that this feature is only for users on Skype Premium account, though.

Along with the above, there are a few other little additions added into Skype 5.8 as well, such as the new "push to talk" option which allows you to set up a hotkey of your choice for triggering the microphone; a feature that could be quite useful during multiplayer gaming. And there's also the ability to hide all offline Facebook contacts that you see fit.

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