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Skoda VRS Mega Man-Pram: Sporty baby stroller for dudes

Pushing your newborn around in a stroller all the while getting some exercise isn’t at all a bad thing, but some time the stroller itself is too bland and it may not necessarily represent the individual’s taste, and, thus, possibly turning a good stroll in the park into an embarrassing chore.


To solve this problem, Czech automaker, Skoda, came up with the VRS Mega Man-Pram, a pimped out stroller that will definitely make dads look like they’re somebodies as they’re carting their babies around.  After surveying 1,000 British dads, Skoda built a baby stroller that’s equipped with 20-inch wheels, hydraulic suspension, rear view mirrors, ‘brake calipers’, head and rear lamps, and even ‘anti-stress’ grips make your stroll or jog more enjoyable.


While the Skoda stroller is geared at making dads look cool, the company didn’t forget about the all-important cargo.  The crib, and centerpiece, is decked out with sports car-like upholstery and lumbar support to ensure that the infant’s joyride around the block is as comfy as possible.


Sadly, there’s no indication from Skoda on whether or not they will go ahead and start mass producing the Mega Man-Pram, but at least the idea is out there.

[youtube id=”BgZluCEBS6w” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Source: gizmag

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