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Siri has been programmed to make fun of Google Glass

You’ll probably know what Siri is, its the virtual assistant Apple introduced with the iPhone a couple of years ago. Siri has now been programmed to crack a few jokes at Google Glass’ expense when the user asks it about Google’s head-mounted wearable gadget.


Apple CEO Tim Cook wasn’t too excited about Google Glass, which is currently only available to some 8,000 select people who are called Explorers. Earlier this year he said that he didn’t think Glass had the potential to become a mass-market item. Instead, he believed that for a wearable gadget the wrist is a much more natural place. These comments fuelled speculation that Apple is working on a wearable gadget of its own, many believe that the company may be developing a smartwatch, though it hasn’t been confirmed as yet.

To invoke Google Glass, users say the “Okay Glass” phrase. If the same phrase is said out loud to Siri, it is now intelligent enough to figure out that you’ve spoken the phrase used to invoke Google Glass. Siri will then get back at you with a cunning and humorous response of its own. Right now as many as five different responses have been discovered, who knows, Siri might have more up its sleeves.

The responses include mildly humorous sentences such as “I think that Glass is half empty,” “Stop trying to strap me to your forehead. It doesn’t work,” “Glass? I think you’ve got the wrong assistant,” and a couple more. These have been shot back by Siri in iOS 6, it is believed that iOS 7 beta version throws up even more responses. So from the looks of it, Siri doesn’t have that high of an opinion about Google Glass, but what are your views about it?

Source: AppleInsider

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