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SingTel To Be Exclusive Carrier for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Are you keen on getting your hands on Samsung’s new tablet, the Galaxy Tab? If so, this will probably come across as good news for you. This is because SingTel has just announced in a press conference held at Marina Bay Sands today that the Galaxy Tab will be coming to Singapore as a SingTel-exclusive device. In addition, the local telco has announced a couple of special services which will debut on the Galaxy Tab. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.

Exactly four weeks ago, we posted an article in which VR-Zone had a chance to get a little hands on with the Galaxy Tab. That was great and all, save for one important detail which Samsung simply refused to disclose: the device’s availability in Singapore, and whether it will be sold directly to retailers or through local service operators.

Fast forward back to the present, and we are proud to announce that the last piece of the puzzle has finally be solved. In a press conference held at Marina Bay Sands today, Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (SingTel) and Samsung Electronics Co. jointly announced the availability of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which will sold to consumers as a SingTel-exclusive device. (The Galaxy Tab will also be available in selected Samsung stores without telco subsidies).
Present at the launch was Yuen Kuan Moon (pictured below), SingTel’s Executive Vice President of Consumer Group, who spoke about how the Galaxy Tab will change the way people consume media.
“The Samsung Galaxy Tab combines the best of both the smartphone and the laptop. Consumers can really look forward to a totally new way of using a mobile device with the Galaxy Tab,” he said.
Yuen explained how the exclusive tie-up with Samsung for the Galaxy Tab will greatly benefit the consumer.
“By working together in this partnership, we bring both the device’s innovation and our service’s innovation together, and we offer an entirely different experience for the consumer, bringing multimedia to live. So, we’re very happy and excited to partner with Samsung once again after the successful introduction of the Galaxy S earlier this year,” he said.
Managing Director for Samsung Asia, Moon Sung Hyun, was also present at the press conference, where he explained why the company had chosen SingTel as the exclusive carrier for the Galaxy Tab.
“We were thinking of how to introduce the Tab to Singapore, and we found that SingTel’s new business model was very benficial to customers. So we decided to go for it together as a collaboration. We believe that offering the product together with SingTel’s services is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction and enjoyment,” he said.
Moon then proceeded to perform a short demonstration of the Galaxy Tab’s capabilities, such as email connectivity and entertainment apps like e-books, movies and games. And just to spice things up a little, he included the obligatory highlight of how well the device ran “Angry Birds”, a popular mobile game, which had those present in stitches.
Last but not least, SingTel’s Product Marketing Manager Andy Ho wrapped up the demonstration by showcasing the Galaxy Tab’s phone-calling capabilties, as well the two new services which will be bundled in every Galaxy Tab: De!ite and exCite TV. 
“With the Samsung Tab, you can now bring your entire library and video collection over to your favourite coffee joint on a weekend,” he claimed. 

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