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Sims 3: Seasons Expansion Pack released

As of November 13th 2012, Simmers can rejoice at the release of EA's Sims 3: Seasons expansion pack. Seasons are here, and they include weather.  Sunny, rainy, snowy, foggy, and even hail-y!

With this expansion pack, gamers can now see physical shifts in the (literal) atmosphere of their world. It adds seasons, of course – spring, summer, fall, and winter – but it doesn't stop there. All sorts of weather will now be available – snow snow storms and rain both take a big role in the lives of your Sims, letting them use umbrellas in the rain and appropriate clothing in the snow. Sunny, rainy, snowy, foggy, and even hail-y! Wondering what weather is coming next? Your Sim can check out the weather channel for all the updates. Each season comes with one specific holiday to match, and the town now takes notice! Watch for pumpkin carving, snow ball fights, and kissing booths to appear during their particular season.


This expansion pack has been long awaited by fans of the series. The previous installment, The Sims 2, also had a Seasons expansion pack, which was highly acclaimed and very popular with the Simmers. While the Sims 2 version added the seasons, much of the new material in the Sims 3 version will be in the holidays and festivals. After EA's most recent expansion for the game, the Supernatural pack, enthusiasts were wowed at the sheer amount of content included. Directly after that release, they announced the Seasons pack… which has left many excited, waiting impatiently for the release. The day has come and gone, and Seasons is out on shelves now.



The game has two versions – original and limited. The limited version features an Ice Lounge community lot, where your Sims can go and cool down in the summer. It features an ice bar, ice furniture, and pub table. Tthe extra content isn't massive, but that hasn't stopped fans from going the extra mile to pick up a limited copy.

Gamers have yet to collectively sound-off on how they like or dislike the expansion pack; this may be due to many being too busy actually playing the expansion pack. Go figure.


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