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SimCity V Coming in 2013, Looks Amazing

SimCity V

After a decade of wait, EA and Maxis announced that the newest iteration of the game, SimCity V will come on the market in 2013. From the looks of it, this might be the game to spend countless nights on, becoming a major on your own… without having to look at the dust and people asking for a quarter on the streets, like real-world majors do.

German gaming magazine GameStar revealed one of most expected simulation titles in a while. After Sid Meier made a big comeback with Civilization V, a 2011 hit title – Will Wright, another gaming legend is making his comeback with yet another V, and that's SimCity V.

According to the magazine, the game is approximately 30% complete and will be unveiled at the Game Developers Conference 2012, which takes place from March 5-9 in Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The game is built upon a completely new game engine, including newly written Glassbox graphics engine. The new engine enables multiple zoom levels, from the conventional God mode to "reading street signs". The game will feature multiple cities, downloadable buildings and other DLC's.

Given the fantastic 3D experience in Civilization V, one cannot but feel excited about how SimCity V will look with 3D glasses attached to your nose. We'll bring more news next week, as the game developer conference commences. You can see more SimCity V images on NeoGaf forum.

Source: GameStar

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