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SimCity experiencing launch troubles

Sim City just launched in North America, and the first few hours have been bleak for many, with delays, locked games and waiting.

Poor SimCity is barely out of the gate and is now being plagued by problems related to the game's launch. Today marked the game's release in North America (with Europe following next, on Thursday), and immediately after the game was unlocked in EA's Origin client, the problems started pouring in. Users reported download failures, connection issues, and in the worst cases, the game refused to unlock.

Initially, users may also have been lulled into a false sense of hope due to the small and fast origin download, but after the initial download completed, new players had to sit through hours of downloading of the actual game files from the SimCity launcher. Then, they were treated with delays; the game's servers sometimes taking up to half an hour of waiting time before you could get into the game (and yes, that includes those who wanted to play on a private server).


Time for an English lesson: This is called a metaphor.


Unfortunately, this isn't very surprising. The download failures, delays and connection issues probably have a lot to do with EA's perplexing decision not to let pre-order customers download the game ahead of launch; this is something I'm experiencing here in Europe as well, with just over a day left before it becomes available to me.


The issues with copies staying locked after launch doesn't surprise either, as the exact same thing happened to a lot of people surrounding the recent Origin release of Crysis 3. And no, the server waiting times just to get into the game don't surprise either. That's what happens when you require a game to be connected to the internet at all times.


Stay tuned for our review of SimCity, showing up in a few days

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