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SimCity 5 always connected requirement angers fans

Even though Maxis and EA forewarned SimCity fans that the next game in the series would require that they need an always-on Internet connection in order to play the game it is only now that we are finding out just how restrictive this requirement is going to be.

There is some really bad news starting to percolate through the gaming world regarding the much anticipated release of the next game in the SimCity franchise from Maxis and EA.

While fans have known from the beginning when SimCity 5 was announced that having a persistent Internet connection was going to be a requirement in order to play the game, we didn't realize just how much of a requirement it was going to be. When word first leaked about this it was thought that the connection requirement would only be for the multi-player portion of the game however thanks to a recent AMA (AskMeAmything) on Reddit with the game developers we found out that this will apply to even the single player portion as well.

One of the questions in the reddit thread asked the developers in regards to the connection restriction was what about players who were "experiencing connection problems" while playing the game. In other words would the game still be playable if the player's internet connection goes down and then reconnects.

The response from the Maxis developers only added fuel to the fire when they said that players would be allowed for as long as their game state could be preserved and remained within a time period of "minutes". What this really means is that players who lose their connection for anything longer than "a few minutes" would be in danger of losing any game progress.

One other point that was raised during the AMA with Maxis was that all activity in the game would require the players using EA's terrible Origin service.

Needless to say this has angered many of the game's fans with many that I have talked to on Twitter and Google+ saying that because of this they have changed their minds about getting the game, a game that they all wanted to get. Being a longtime fan of the game I was really looking forward to getting SimCity 5, but given these requirements I'll be saving my money for something else.

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