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SimCity 2000 is free for a limited time


It’s free. Yes, free.

If you’re simulation fan, then you will know what SimCity is.  Aside from the rather disastrous launch last year, the game SimCity 2000 is still a decent simulation game worth chucking a few coins at. Well, that was then, but this is now.

Electronic Arts is giving away SimCity 2000 for free. The catch is you have to sign up for an Origin account to be able to claim the freebie.  There might not be a lot of Origin enthusiasts out there, but free is free and it’s worth it to sign up just to grab the game.

We don’t know how long the freebie will last for so just grab it before EA takes it down.  The game originally goes for $5.99, so it’s not a barn burner if you had to fork out the money yourself.  In the meantime, click here if you want to get the game for free.

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