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VR-Zone brings you an indepth review of the Silverstone SG-01, the SFF-like Cube case that accepts a micro atx mainboard.

I have been rather disappointed with Silverstone for the past year as I see
their flagship Tower, the TJ-03’s quality degrading. I have introduced the TJ-03
to a friend for his new setup after hearing him complain that he cannot find
any casing with good looks (that he like) and with good features. I got a piece
for him and was shocked that the fittings and overall feel of the TJ03 is different
from the 1st batch that came to Singapore about a year ago. After visiting Computex
2005 (Taipei) this year, I have been waiting for this casing to arrive in Singapore
with anticipation, and here I’m going take a closer look at this beauty.

The Silverstone SG-01 is roughly 20% larger compared to Small Form Factor (SFF)
PCs from Shuttle, Aopen and Biostar. The SFF revolution has really caught on.
Not only are they small and easily tucked away; their designs are slick and
classy. SFF systems usually comes with a proprietary Motherboard, Power Supply
and CPU cooling solution not to mention (Shuttle has one of the best cooling
solution (ICE) for the SFF category). The Silverstone SG01 is not really a SFF,
since it is bigger and it is after all just a casing without the MB/PSU/Cooling
Solutions. The other casing that shares the same genre will be the Chen Ming
MATX-118, but the front bezel design of Silverstone can never be compared to
others for PC casings.

The main draw for these cases are the more options for mainboards and the ability
to use a standard sized ATX PSU. As PSU requirements are getting higher most
users would be looking for a better power supply. Thus, with space for a full
ATX PSU, users will be able to rest their mind and install a 7800GTX to make
their rig a real performance portable rig. But I have other plans for this casing,
read on to find out more…

EDIT: SilverStone has stated that TJ03’s production process and quality control have not altered since its introduction and is currently working with VR-Zone to determine why the newer TJ03 is different from the old.

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