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Silverstone Fortress FT01 and Raven RV01

Silverstone is well known among enthusiasts for its premium casings. Do
their latest offerings, the Fortress FT01 and Raven RV01, live up to our
high expectations?

Silverstone has a history of making quality products in the power supply, fan, and casing arenas. The Temjin series is probably one of the most well known series in Silverstone’s lineup of casings, including casings like the recently introduced TJ10 and of course that all-time favourite for watercooling setups, the TJ07.

But today we’re not looking at the TJ11 – Silverstone has instead decided to start two new series – decided to spin off a new series

This time round Silverstone has spun off two new series of casings, knownThis time Silverstone probably outdone himself by introducing two new series, Fortress and Raven.

The first casing in the Fortress series is none other than the FT01. According to Silverstone’s website, the FT01 inherits the uni-body frame construction from its predecessor, the TJ07. but with even more sleeker profile due to FT01’s smaller size. FT01 is being marketed as a Mid Tower Chassis. It also listed several new exciting features such as the inclusion of a dual 180mm cooling fan and a highly flexible drive storage options with hot-swappable SATA adapter.

The Raven, series on the other hand, is an entirely new design which showcases a revolutionary 90 degrees motherboard placement which enables stack effect for natural heat convection. The shape of the casing itself is sophisticated, with sleek body outline. The RV01 is a EATX Chassis, catagorised along with other big boys, TJ07, TJ09. The features of the RV01 is similar to the FT01 except it has a tad more than FT01. Some of the Raven-only features is the sliding front panel of the Raven case and the strip of blue LED at the top front of the case.

Enough of introduction, let us get on with the review to see what exactly does Silverstone has to offer.

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