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Silk Road’s top drug dealer was a police informant

Steven Lloyd Sadler who lived a second life as “Nod”, one of Silk Road’s biggest sellers by volume, was cooperating as a law enforcement informant for two months.


One of Silk Road’s best known dealers, who, while in business was in the top 1 percent of the site’s movers of heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine, was a government informant according to an audio recording obtained by The Smoking Gun.

Steven Lloyd Sadler, who ran his narcotics emporium under the handle “Nod”, was “cooperating, working for the government for the past two months,” according to a statement by federal prosecutor Thomas Woods on an audio recording of October 2 court proceedings.

In court Woods did not mention that shuttering of Silk Road by the feds, which happened the day before the proceedings, but said that Sadler’s cooperation “abruptly came to an end this morning” for circumstances unrelated to Sadler.

During his career on Silk Road, Sadler had received over 1400 reviews during a four month period in 2013.

Sadler first agreed to cooperate with authorities after they raided his apartment in Bellevue, a suburb of Seattle, on July 31, 2013, as part of an investigation into mail order narcotics being sent out from the area.

In August, Silk Road’s now arrested founder Dread Pirate Roberts said “we’ve won the State’s War on Drugs because of Bitcoin.”

Source: The Smoking Gun

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