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Silent Phase Change Cooling Overclocks a GTX 580 Beyond 2GHz Clock

CompuCold overclocked this 3GB EVGA GTX 580 to over 2GHz for those 512 CUDA cores

During CES 2012, we met with Patrick Zulli, elaborate French who is the co-founder and CTO of PowerQuest LLC, the creator of CompuCold phase-change system.

Cooling down the components to freezing temperatures is and will probably always be an obsession of performance enthusiasts. Just like the F1 car is being prepared for race by blowing dry ice onto the radiators hidden inside side pods, we all desire to cool down our processors to the lowest stable temperature and clock them as high as possible.

CompuCold is not a new concept – after all, we all remember VapoChill by Asetek from the turn of the century, overclocking Athlons and Pentiums to then magical 1GHz mark. Today, PowerQuest LLC is bringing CompuCold to market. CompuCold is a near-silent phase-change cooling for the CPU and GPU targeting high-end systems and servers.

Patrick Zulli, co-founder and CTO of the company explained to us that the company is enjoying a meteoric rise even though their products are… well, let's just say that they look quite prototype like. Yet, customers such as the US Army aren't shy on ordering computers powered by CompuCold as there are no second choices when it comes to required performance.

However, CompuCold isn't exactly designing their parts for enthusiasts – CompuCold mostly cools down Xeons as well as Quadro and Tesla graphics cards.

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