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Shuhei Yoshida confirms the PlayStation Store will ‘absolutely’ run better on PS4

Shuhei Yoshida

In a recent Tweet, Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida soothed a concerned gamer by revealing that the PS4’s digital PlayStation Store marketplace would “absolutely” run better than its current PS3 counterpart. If Sony’s UI demo video was any indication, then we can expect the PS4’s PS Store to be leaps and bounds ahead of its current iteration.

Yoshida was also seen Tweeting responses centered on the PS4’s Remote Play function, as one particular user was curious if PS4 titles downloaded via PlayStation Network would be included in Remote Play streaming as well a disc-based titles.

Yoshida saved the day again by confirming that both downloadable and disc-based games will work with the PS4’s Remote Play via the handheld PS Vita–a concept that was touted all the way back in February during Sony’s See the Future reveal.


The PlayStation guru went on to explain that the currency in a user’s digital wallet will be made available for both PS3 and PS4 purchases on the PlayStation Store, and that when a gamer’s PlayStation Plus account is expired they won’t be able to play PS+ games–the Drive Club PS+ title was exampled in this scenario.

It will be interesting to see how much an improvement that the PS4’s PlayStation Store is over the PS3’s, and coupled with Gaikai, we will no doubt see a plethora of impressive and dynamic features that compliment the overall experience.

Sony will be at this year’s Gamescom held in Germany, and we can expect the Japanese gaming giant to reveal even more PS4 titles during the event.

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