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Shogun Bros. dual functionality mouse

This unique mouse that combines a wireless mouse and gamepad; will you buy one if it becomes available in your area?

The majority of us who prefer playing games with a controller over a keyboard will be interested in this new device from Shogun Bros. It's a mouse that turn into a gamepad just by flipping it over.


There are dozens of controllers out there that let you play games on your computer as comfortably as you would on a console. They look like everything from regular controllers to super futuristic mice with adjustable buttons, to retro SNES controllers. There's still something novel about this one though. Having the buttons on the bottom makes it feel like you're trying to be sneaky about it. It lets you imagine someone hard at work at his desk who then just snatches his mouse up, flips it over and starts playing Fifa or Battlefield 3. It's like how James Bond would play games on his computer. Or maybe the bottom was just the only place where everything would fit.



The Chameleon X-1 is a regular 2.4GHz wireless mouse with 1600 DPI resolution. As a gamepad it has the full complement of buttons – 14, plus the L and R buttons. It even supports force feedback. They have really packed a lot into this small device and I'm sure a lot of people would love to see it for sale soon. Toei have suggested 5700 Yen ($69) as a hypothetical price. Unfortunately it is not yet clear whether they will move to sell the device (already available in other regions outside of Japan) or whether it will just remain a nifty idea.

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