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Shenzhen Touts Highest Micro-Blogger Usage In China

Shenzhen now has the highest micro-blogging usage in all of China and its Internet penetration rates will soon rival that of Japan.

Shenzhen, which is located in China’s Quangdong province, has a well connected population on the Internet (netizens), with a good percentage of that population being college educated.  The Internet usage by its citizens is quite regular and more so than the national average.  Now statistics state that Shenzhen is not only becoming the leader in Internet usage penetration, but Shenzhen currently has the highest Weibo penetration rate in China with the number of Weibo users who actively use the social network three or more times per day, 16% higher than China’s national average. It is also reported that Shenzhen Internet users are more active bloggers, BBS users and other on-line apps as well. 

In China, the abbreviated term for a microblog is referred to as a ‘Weibo’. A Weibo or micro-blog is a communication exchange platform used so people can talk and exchange real time information with one another through different kinds of clients like WEB or WAP.  Operating very much like Twitter, it only allows up to 140 characters or less.

For sometime now, Shenzhen has been growing quickly and is fast becoming China’s version of Silicon Valley.  It is the home of China’s main Internet portal, Tencent, and Huawei, the latter being one of the largest telecommunication corporations on the planet.  Shenzhen is also the headquarters of Baidu, which is China’s version of Google.  The city is also the home headquarters for dozens of major manufacturers of all types of electronic consumer devices, computer software, medical equipment and all manner of other electronic devices and technology used around the world. 

A recent report from the Shenzhen Internet Development Research Report says that the Internet usage in Shenzhen, China is nearly at 77 percent and that nearly 8 million people are actively using the Internet there on a daily basis.  In other Chinese regions the Internet penetration is growing as well. The Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai regions are at 70.3%, 72.9% and 66.2% respectively.  Internationally, Internentworldstats show that Singapore has an Internet penetration of around 77.2% with Hong Kong at 68.7%.  The report further states that the Internet penetration in the Shenzhen region will soon surpass Japan, which has the highest Internet penetration in the world.


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