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Sharp’s Cocorobo clean bots now your new little sister

Sharp breathes more life to their interactive talking clean bots, by turning it into the household’s cute little sister.


Sharp’s products as of late always have a certain tinge of life to them, and we mean that literally. There’s the talking refrigerator for instance, though the most notable one would perhaps be the chatting Cocorobo clean bots.

But talking and chatting home appliances are just one thing, because it seems that the company wants something even more. The company had just announced their plans to make their Cocorobo units even livelier, by turning it into your resident little sister clean bot.

You heard that correctly. Now the units won’t just talk about weather updates or casually greet your surprised visitors. The special “premium” Cocorobo units would now be designed to talk about the normal and mundane, engaging in small talk with household members as if it was the family’s newest member. You can ask the unit for example, if it has any suggestions for a nice dinner for the evening.

Sharp even goes on its way to build a personality for the Cocorobo units, which is that of an adorable and slightly bashful little sister. Give ‘her’ a word of praise, and she’ll coyly return a word of thanks, or maybe even awkwardly deny her devotion to cleaning. They’ve also designed a cute mascot character for ‘her’ personality, in case her kawaii voice isn’t enough to soothe her owners after a tiresome day.


While the whole concept for this “Cocorobo little sister” is already mapped out, as of now the project is still largely in the development phase. Sharp Cloud Labs is currently holding a survey campaign to know and learn about people’s opinions on the idea, as well as gathering constructive suggestions that can be used to improve the concept. Selected volunteer participants of the campaign will be given prototype premium Cocorobo units for practical testing.

Source: Sharp Cloud Labs (JP)

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