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Sharp unveils new 3D AQUOS smartphone for Japan

Sharp has announced the availability of its new 3D AQUOS smartphone, the 009SH, for Japan via its domestic telecommunications operator SoftBank. The new device, which sports up to four different colours for consumers to choose from, and a high-resolution 3D display, will be powered by the Android operating system and boasts support for a variety of features.

Think that the mere act of owning a smartphone is enough to win you bragging rights for being able to keep with the times where mobile technology is concerned? Well, not anymore; with 3D technology fast making its way into the lives of everyday consumers, it would seem that 3D capable smartphones are set to be the next big thing where mobile phones are concerned. And from the looks of it, Sharp has clearly got no intention of sitting out on this trend, especially if the recent announcement of its new 3D AQUOS smartphone for Japan is of any indication.


Little information about the new 009SH smartphone, which is also known as the AQUOS PHONE THE PREMIUM, has been revealed by Sharp in its official announcement. However, Sharp has confirmed that the 009SH will sport a four-inch, glasses-free 3D-capable display that is capable of QHD resolutions (960 x 540), and that it will come preloaded with various "3D-rich apps" which will allow users to enjoy their videos and games in full 3D glory.

In addition, Sharp has also claimed that the 009SH will be powered by version 2.3 of the Android operating system, and that the phone will sport the company's own proprietary TapFlowUI as the user interface of choice, along with a eight-megapixel rear camera. Last but definitely not least, the announcement also claims that the 009SH will feature built-in support for Japan's 'mobile wallet" and is compatible with the company's line of AQUOS-branded television and audio-visual products.

No details about the 009SH's pricing has been revealed by Sharp yet, although the company has confirmed that the smartphone will be available for sale though carrier SoftBank come mid-August this year.

Source: Sharp Japan

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