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Sharp unveils 32-inch 4K IGZO display

Sharp's newest display model features a 4K 32-inch screen that is developed using their newly adopted IGZO screen technology. It is designed to pack in more pixels per unit area, and is advertised to be perfect for graphics-based work.

Sharp made an announcement in April, 2012 about their plans to use IGZO technology in future LCD's. Well, it seems that a fully functional PN-K321 IGZO display is almost available to the tech market.

Recapping the basics on the IGZO technology, it stands for indium gallium zinc oxide. It is basically a semiconductor material that can be used as a channel for TFT's. Thus, it's most prominent application is on LCD's wherein it acts as an active layer. The difference of the IGZO to other materials used as active layers is that it has a very high electron mobility, which indirectly relates to individual pixels becoming even smaller. Thus an IGZO display could, in effect, have more pixel per area ratio compared to the best ones we have today.

The PN-K321 IGZO display is a 32-inch LED-backlit LCD screen. This 4K display has a specific screen resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, with a pixel density of 140ppi. It uses a DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI 1.4a for display connectivity. Before, most 4K displays required multiple cables, or a special type of cable to fully utilize the ultra HD resolution. With the display unit's modification to use the IGZO semiconductor material, it only needs one regular input port, which makes it directly compatible with most other devices.

As for its other specifications and product details, the dimensions of the unit are 750 x 441 x 35 mm. It weighs 7.5 kg. Brightness can be set at a maximum of 250 candela/lumens. Energy consumption rate is 120 watts, and has standard 30p/60p frame rate adjustment modes.

The launch date of the PN-K321 in Japan is on February 15, 2013.  No launch dates have been proposed for regions outside of Japan.

Source:  ITMedia (JP)

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