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Sharp showcases a 1000ppi display for VR headsets at CEATEC


At the CEATEC Japan 2016, Japanese giant Sharp showed off an impressive prototype display that could make your VR experience much more immersive with its insane pixel density of over 1000 pixels per inch.

The display panel measures 2.87-inches diagonally and offers a resolution of 1920 x 2160, resulting in a pixel density of 1008 pixels per inch. With “4K” resolution to both eyes, the display is going to be the ideal choice for next-gen virtual reality headsets. For comparison, the HTC Vive features a 1200 x 1080 resolution display (per eye) measuring 3.62-inches with a pixel density of 447 pixels per inch. So the Sharp prototype display delivers roughly twice the pixel density, which should make a significant difference in terms of clarity. If you have tried the HTC Vive or any other current VR headset, you will know that clarity isn’t quite as high as you’d like on all of them. This does have a negative impact on the overall experience, as a relatively soft image isn’t very appealing at all.

Sharp also showcased a few other impressive displays at the CEATEC expo, including a 27-inch 120Hz IGZO monitor with 8K resolution and HDR support. While not as impressive as the VR display in terms of pixel density, its 326 PPI is still highly impressive for a display of its size. Being an HDR-compatible display, it also boasts of a high 1000 nit peak brightness, much higher than any consumer PC monitor on the market today.


Unfortunately, Sharp did not reveal any ETA on when or if these displays will make it to the production line.

Source: PC Watch Japan

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