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Sharp announces availability of new RW-T107 enterprise tablet

With more users attempting to blur the lines between enterprise and personal computing, it should be of little surprise that OEMs are starting to pitch typical personal computing devices like tablets as tools which are suitable for enterprise use after a few tweaks to its feature set. And it seems that Sharp is all set to capitalize on this new trend, especially if the introduction of its new enterprise-centric RW-T107 tablet in Japan is of any indication. More details about this tablet coming right up.

Now that Research In Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has been given the green light as having met the requirements to be considered for deployment in government offices and Apple is busy pitching its iPad as a device that is suitable for enterprise deployment, it would make sense that other tablet OEMs are keen to capitalize on the lucrative enterprise market by releasing their own ideas of what an enterprise-centric tablet should be. And it seems that the latest enterprise tablet offering hails from Sharp, where it comes in the form of the RW-T107.

Details about the new RW-T107 are scarce, but according to the machine translation of the Japanese company's latest announcement, the enterprise tablet will make use of a seven-inch display, although no specifications about its resolution, memory, internal flash capacity and the processor has been released by the company. However, Sharp has confirmed that the RW-T107 will sport support for short-range wireless communication via NFC, while wireless network connectivity is achieved via the device's built-in support for WiFi under the a, b, g and n spectra. Topping off the package is the inclusion of a built-in high capacity 5,400mAh battery pack that Sharp claims is capable of proving the RW-T107 with up to eight hours of uptime on a single charge.

Last but definitely not least, Sharp has also confirmed that the RW-T107 will be preloaded with version 2.3 of the Android operating system, although it has not provided any information as to whether it will provide the tablet with an upgrade path to future versions of Android. Also, no details about the tablet's pricing has been revealed at this point of time, but what we do know is that Sharp intends to release the RW-T107 for sale in Japan come September 5 this year.

Source: Sharp Japan

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