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Sharp 3D Android phones coming to China this spring

Sharp 3D

LG isn't the only phone manufacturer to come up with smartphones with 3D display which does not require 3D glasses. Japanese maker, Sharp, has also launched two 3D smartphones last year – SH-03C and 003SH – and are likely to retail in China this spring.

The Sharp 003SH and SH-03C 3D-capable smartphones, which does not require 3D glasses, has already gone on the shelves in Japan since December. And it looks like the two models would be the first 3D smartphones to enter the China market around Q1 this year.

The 3D technology works regardless of whether you are viewing in portrait or landscape orientation, and you can also switch between 2D and 3D. According to sources, the Nintendo 3DS that is scheduled to launch this month in Japan, is also using Sharp's 3D technology, which makes use of the naked eye parallax 3D grid form, to achieve a true 3D  experience.

The Sharp 003SH and SH-03C will be preinstalled with the latest Android mobile operating system, though in Japan, the 003SH is running  Android 2.2 Froyo while SH-03C is using Android 2.1 Eclair. Aside from displaying images in 3D, both smartphones also have built-in 3D-capable cameras to capture videos and images in 3D. Sharp has also unveiled various apps such as one that can convert 2D pictures to 3D, and Chinese input.

Source: xda.cn

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